A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

SimStation is a space station building sim similar in play to SimTower where you place hull sections and add modules (living quarters, science lab, energy generation) to those sections.

Modules Include:
--Name (Worker, Power, Water)--

  • Living Quarters ( +4 P, -2 E, -2 W)
  • Science Lab ( -4 P, -6 E, -2 W)
  • Water Purification ( -2 P, -2 E, +4 W)
  • Power Generation ( -2 P, +10 E, -2 W)

Each module consumes various amount of resources and you need to manage you creation and usage of each.
Resources include:

  • Workers
  • Water
  • Energy


Music and sound effects are still on the way.


SimStation.zip 6 MB
simstation.apk 1 MB

Install instructions

Windows - Unzip and run "run.bat"

Linux - unzip and run "java -jar SimStation.jar"

Android - APK must be installed by allowing untrusted sources (the signed version will be upload to the play store shortly.)

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